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5 Reasons She’s Attracted to Your friend that is best

She’s always flirting together with your bud. Is the fact that a bad thing?

The person that is last think you need to be worried about poaching your gf can be your best friend—the man you’ve understood forever, that has seen you at your greatest (and lowest) points. Appropriate?

So you’re probably wondering why your gf is often flirting with him. Okay, perhaps not constantly flirting, but she does appear to like him a horrible great deal. And just why wouldn’t she? “Your gf adores you,” says relationship specialist Kailen Rosenberg. “It’s the ‘birds of a feather concept that is. You might be such as your buddies along with your buddies often times are a lot like you—fun, charming, precious. It only is sensible that she’d relate solely to a handful of those dudes, too.”

But, Rosenberg describes, if she’s your girlfriend, the flirting will more than likely simply be for fun—on both relative edges of this equation. Therefore it can’t hurt to figure out a little more about what makes your best friend so weirdly attractive while you may not have to worry about your two favorite people running off together.