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My closest friend is deeply in love with me. Therefore now Sue is extremely hurt and seems betrayed.

Every our relationship expert, Sarah Abell, answers readers’ questions on emotional issues week.

7:00AM GMT 15 Mar 2011

In the past my companion, Sue, explained she had fallen in love beside me and I also brushed her off saying, “I don’t feel exactly the same way, you’re my closest friend, I’m straight”. She is at the full time and is still in a relationship that is committed kiddies. We always been close friends throughout the full years with durations where she would distance themself from our relationship however we’d make contact with being fine once more, at the least, I was thinking we did.

Sue now informs me she’s got experienced love beside me the time that is entire has struggled whenever I’ve held it’s place in relationships, which may have for ages been with guys. Fast-forward to now and I also find myself during my first relationship with a woman also it is actually with Sue’s very closest friend of 20 years.