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Sc Casino Legalization Supported by Residents, Georgia Folds on Efforts

The Southern Carolina casino effort to authorize commercial gambling is now being backed by maybe the strongest vocals in the state, the voters, being a brand new poll finds that nearly seven in 10 residents supports legalization.

Residents are adopting Southern Carolina casinos, but brand new Republican Governor Henry McMaster, who replaced Nikki Haley US ambassador to the United Nations, isn’t expected to get behind gambling after she agreed to become.

Conducted by Winthrop University, the poll asked participants whether they would support legislation to allow a limited amount of casinos in the state underneath the condition that tax revenue generated from gambling be earmarked to pay for roadways and infrastructure. Sixty-eight percent stated they would favor such a measure, while only 30 per cent opposed the question.

Mandating that cash collected from the gambling be useful for roads and infrastructure substantially raises South Carolina casino support. Once the tax income would be just directed to Columbia with no spending stipulation, only 54 percent favored legalization, with 42 percent opposed.

‘ That is literally earth shattering,’ State Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Richland) told the continuing state magazine. ‘What South Carolinians stated in this poll is they are fed up with the Republicans digging into their pockets and taking their tax money when there is certainly another alternative.’