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supplying wellness care to males who possess intercourse with males is complex but feasible

Honorary Research Associate, Public Health Medicine, University of Cape Town

Extraordinary Professor when you look at the Department of healthcare Microbiology, University of Pretoria

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Kate Rees works well with Anova Wellness Institute.

Remco Peters works for the Anova wellness Institute

University of Pretoria and University of Cape Town offer funding as partners for the Conversation AFRICA.

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Analysis has shown that addressing HIV in particular key populations is a concern so that you can end the epidemic within the population that is general.

Key populations are teams identified by the planet Health Organisation that warrant certain attention in wellness programmes simply because they face a specially high chance of getting HIV along with other sexually transmitted infections. They are marginalised plus don’t have access that is good wellness solutions.

One of these simple combined teams is males that have sex with males (MSM). It is vital to make certain that they could obtain access to HIV prevention and therapy solutions.

However in numerous elements of sub-Saharan Africa, including Southern Africa, males who’ve intercourse with males encounter stigma and prejudice if they use wellness solutions. This often limits their usage of medical.

Our studies have shown so it’s feasible to present high quality care when you look at the general general general public sector to males who possess sex with guys.

We looked over wellness solutions particularly designed and provided at a collection of South government that is african. We discovered that guys who accessed these solutions did well on antiretroviral regimens.