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Ask some guy: how come Dudes move ahead therefore Quickly after having a Breakup?

It’s been one since my boyfriend and I broke up month. Last week we discovered that he set up an on-line profile that is dating wth?! I will be nevertheless going right through the stages of y our breakup and I also can’t also fathom the concept of meeting and speaking with a brand new man appropriate now. It may seem the norm that dudes is going to do this in order to prevent their feelings–get sex, boost ego–but it hurts.

Why do guys try this? Why do they seem to conquer breakups so considerably faster than women?

I will realize why seeing that would harm.

After all, i will imagine it is like a betrayal… here you’re feeling all of this pain, heartbreak and sadness… and he’s off setting up an advertising for a fresh girl and, maybe by extension, brand new intercourse.